Endangered red tuna is never used at Sushi Shop

June 12th 2019

Endangered red tuna is never used at Sushi Shop

Sushi Shop is a socially responsible company. We share our customers’ values and are very sensitive to our customers’ health and convictions. Like you, our choices aim to protect nature and protect the environment. 

At Sushi Shop, we only use species of tuna that are not considered as endangered, such as Yellowfin tuna. These species offer a red meat very similar to the Bluefin tuna (red tuna) which is, unfortunately, threatened with extinction.

Sushi Shop is closely following developments regarding the situation of the species used in the preparation of our sushi. Sushi Shop will do the necessary to always keep a responsible position. We stay informed of the situation via the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), and other legitimate organizations that provide accurate information on the state of the world's wildlife.

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